Alan Bates


Confidence. Experience. Professionalism.  Alan Bates, a resident of the Bahamas since 1965 did not hesitate to travel to Jupiter Medical Center in South Florida when he came across a treatment that could save his life after being diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 76.

“I traveled many times to Florida,” says Bates. “And although I have never left home for health care before, I just could not get the treatment I needed in the Bahamas. I would’ve traveled anywhere in the U.S., as long as I received wonderful care at a reputable facility with cutting-edge technology.”  He found all that and more at Jupiter Medical Center in Palm Beach County, Florida.

It was during an annual check-up in November 2014 that Bates learned that he had elevated prostate specific antigen or PSA levels, a common indicator of prostate cancer. Followed by a trip to his local oncologist, he learned he had prostate cancer – a fate that one in six men will be faced with in their lifetime.

“Like anyone who is diagnosed with cancer, I was shocked,” says Bates. “But I still run my own accounting firm and I was eager to carry on with my life.”

“I have several friends in the medical field who know people in the top hospitals in the U.S.,” Bates added.  “After my diagnosis, I visited Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and I could’ve selected either one of those hospitals. However, only Jupiter Medical Center offered the type of cutting-edge technology I was looking for with the CyberKnife®M6™.” Bates was confident this was the treatment for him and did not waste any more time.

“I immediately reached out to Jupiter Medical Center and was put in touch with Marina Ratchford from the Global Medicine Program. They coordinated my travel accommodations and my care. Their concierge services were terrific – taking care of many of the details, even the smallest ones,” says Alan. “They really put me at ease and made it very easy for me.”

The professionals at the Global Medicine Program coordinated with the oncology team and arranged for all of Mr. Bates’ accommodations. When he arrived at the Cancer Center, his test results were evaluated and he was identified as a candidate for treatment with the CyberKnife® M6 system at Jupiter Medical Center, one of only a handful of hospitals in the nation to offer this next generation technology for radiosurgery.  “I was immediately impressed with and confident in Dr. Anthony Addesa and his team of oncologists, nurses and staff,” boasts Bates.

A leap forward in cancer care, the M6™ is the most advanced and accurate CyberKnife® System in use today. It is a non-surgical, pain-free treatment option for many patients who have inoperable or surgically complex tumors, or who may be looking for an alternative to surgery.

At Jupiter Medical Center, we take pride in offering the most advanced treatments available,” said Dr. Addesa, medical director of Radiation Oncology at Jupiter Medical Center. “The CyberKnife® M6™ System allows our clinicians to offer the most personalized care delivered with unparalleled accuracy.”

Alan also praises the support he received from his radiation therapist, Diane “Dee” Jones. “She was with me every visit. I was very thankful for her compassion, expertise, and professionalism,” says Bates. A little unsure of what to expect with this type of treatment, he found great comfort in Dee who explained every aspect of his treatment.

Today, Alan feels great and awaits his post-treatment testing and re-evaluation which typically occurs three months after treatment.

Looking back he says that he was very impressed with the hospital’s world-class care. “It was comfortable, and welcoming. Marina and the Global Medicine Program did an excellent job looking after and supporting me – and the team members at Ella Milbank Foshay Cancer Center were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would most definitely recommend Jupiter Medical Center and their Global Medicine Program to my friends in the Bahamas and people all over.”